Common uses of Business Automation

Business automation is well-suited for streamlining processes across just about every area of an organization:

  • Marketing activities: With email marketing automation, companies can use software to send out emails to a client distribution list on a predefined schedule, reducing the costs of running the campaigns manually. Marketing efforts can be tied into a customer relationship management (CRM) system and even do things like target customers with automated messages via social media.
  • Human resources: Human resource management systems can automate a wide range of HR tasks, including job application processing, interview scheduling, employment offers, onboarding, payroll management and benefits administration. Using analytics, these systems can also provide insights into workforce productivity.
  • Sales processes: Sales automation tools like Salesforce and other Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tools enable sales teams to spend less time logging their deal-related activity and more time making the phone calls that close deals. The tools can automate repetitive tasks throughout the sales process, whether it’s qualifying leads based on their buyer journey, assigning prospects to the right rep or creating data-backed sales forecasts.
  • Finance and accounting: By automating financial planning and accounting functions, companies can free up time for important tasks like analysis, strategy and collaboration with stakeholders. In accounts payable (AP) management, for example, data capture is automated, invoices are automatically matched to documents and approvals are automatically routed. This reduces data errors and helps prevent fraud through background controls.
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