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Professionalism in teaching and learning involves more than just planning and teaching a series of lessons. It involves reflecting on and making decisions about one’s teaching of the whole course well before it begins. This enables you to anticipate and avoid difficulties, thus ensuring that effective and efficient learning is realized.

Creating a course can feel intimidating, especially if this is your first attempt. What can make this task even more overwhelming is choosing the right equipment to record your online course videos. Here are our recommendations for the best video equipment for recording an online course.

You’ve probably spent hours watching “how-to” YouTube videos, browsing Amazon for the right tech, and budgeting your money, so you can afford to make your course look as professional possible. You

You should know that it doesn’t take a lot of equipment or money to record content for your online course. You may already have exactly what you need to create clean, crisp, and professional online course videos.

Learning Outcome

At the end, Instructors should be able to Design Top-notch Course Contents.

Learning Activities

Instructors are expected to follow the principle to design a Free course content


Instructors must ensure they finish the course and attempt the final test.

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