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Skincare Botanical Extraction Course

Skincare Botanical Extraction Course

This course is a beginner’s guide to Botanical Extraction. Botanicals are the extracts from the plants, trees, fruits and other natural organic sources. These extracts are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants vital for your skin. It protects our skin from free radicals and UV rays. By taking this class, you will learn why botanical …

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Beekeeping Masterclass

The Complete Beekeeping Masterclass: From Farm To International Market

Course Description This course takes you through all the steps to successfully start and own your own beehive. From understanding bees and beekeeping to business, storage and marketing of honey, we cover all elements needed in order to be a successful beekeeper. Despite increased urbanization and industrialization, farms continue to produce honey that is bought …

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Create and Launch Your First Online Course

Design Your First Online Course

Introduction Professionalism in teaching and learning involves more than just planning and teaching a series of lessons. It involves reflecting on and making decisions about one’s teaching of the whole course well before it begins. This enables you to anticipate and avoid difficulties, thus ensuring that effective and efficient learning is realized. Creating a course …

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