Learn How to Treat Kidney Problems Using 100% Natural Remedies

Kidney Treatment Using 100% Naturally Remedies Course

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$35 (N17,500)

Course Overview

In the world of today, a number of factors such as lifestyle, diet, medications and stress affect our health in numerous ways, one of such is that it affect the functionality of our precious internal organ, the kidney.

The kidneys are two bean shaped organs in the body of man charged with the responsibility of producing urine, a waste that must be adequately evacuated from the body through a complex process of ultra filtration, selective reabsorption and hormonal secretion. 

Kidney ailments ranks among the 5 ailments ravaging the world at large, across all nations, both the developed and the developing ones. The reason is partly due to the rise in diabetes, hypertension and other metabolic/lifestyle factors.
In this course, you will learn the link between hypertension, diabetes and kidney diseases. You will also learn numerous proven natural remedies to prevent and treat kidney diseases.

What more?
You will be offered free personalized consultation and treatment on any kidney ailment. Yes, I will take time to listen to your complaint and provide all necessary guide and follow-ups until you or your client is free of this ailment. This is by far one of the best investment on your health and well-being. You would be glad you subscribed for this great and unique course.

Course Outlines

In this course, you are going to learn How to Treat Kidney Problem Using 100% Naturally Remedies. The course entails:

Course Details

Mode of Delivery

Videos and Text Content

Course Duration

2 Weeks

Feedback Mode

Multiple Choice Questions


Certificate upon Completion

Course Outcomes

At the end of the course, the trainee must be able to

1. Explain the kidney as an organ, it’s location, and functions.
2. State the tell-tale signs of a kidney disorder
3. Analyse the various diagnosis of kidney ailments.
4. Treat a wide range of kidney ailments, including kidney stones, kidney cyst, chronic kidney disease, pyelonephtitis, hydronephrosis and others using proven natural remedies.
5. Explain and guide others on proven natural medicine protocols to prevent kidney ailments and preserve the Kidneys.
6. Make a decent income from the knowledge of kidney ailments.

Course Requirements

  • The requirement for this course is the zeal to learn and a basic understanding of the English Language.
  • You do not need any prior knowledge of medicine or related technical know-how.
  • The course has been simplified for all and sundry.

Dr Yusuf Mikail Olatunji, founder and CEO of Vantage Cure Holistic Clinic

About the Instructor

Yusuf Mikail Olatunji is a seasoned naturopath and wellness coach with over a decade of experience and remarkable achievements in the field of natural and holistic medicine. He obtained a Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences with a published research paper on karyotyping. He also holds professional certificates in cupping therapy and unani medicine.

He has learnt natural and herbal remedies and cupping therapy physically under the Australian based Prof. Latib Osman Ferouz, Prof. Yusuf Isa Atanda (Nigeria) and Dr Abdullah Opeyemi (Nigeria). He has treated a wide range of health challenges including kidney related ailments with testimonials on his blog and social media profiles.

He has been an health consultant to individuals and corporate organizations across the UK, US and Africa. He is the lead instructor on natural and herbal medicine at the Traditional Medicine Academy, Turkey and the founder, Vantage Cure Holistic Therapy.

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