Gain Essential Automation skills and Progress your Business or Career

Fundamentals of Business Automation: Digital Skills

Course Level

Beginner - Advanced

Course Price

$ 20 (N10,000)

Course Overview

In this course, you will learn how to apply tools and techniques that will make your work easier, the work of your team better, and your customer service more effective. You’ll get a chance to see 20 technologies in action, with an expert from each field sharing examples of how they’ve used automation successfully. With intelligent automation changing the ways we interact with technology, you will learn the benefits unique to intelligent automation alongside other forms of business automation. And you’ll also learn what all of this means for businesses—how they can increase efficiency, drive revenue, and thrive in challenging markets.

Today, cloud-based automation platforms provide functionality that was once achievable only through large mainframes and a team of experts, at a fraction of the cost. In fact, research shows tremendous bottom-line benefits from automation. IBM estimates that intelligent automation will generate billions of dollars in labor value in 2022 alone. Automation is an excellent investment for companies of all sizes. By replacing human labor with machine labor, you can free up your resources and use them elsewhere in your company.

Why You Need this Course

  1. Be relevant and increase your opportunity to retain or get a new job.
  2. Increase your productivity and make life easier.
  3. Certificate upon Completion.
  4. Free CV Review/revamping.
  5. Free Email and Whatsapp Consultation
  6. Free Job Opportunity Alerts.

Course Outlines

In this course, you are going to learn various aspect of Automation, Business Automation, Intelligent automation and some automation tools that can be used to improve the efficiency of business processes, improve the customer experience or improve employee experience.

Course Details

Mode of Delivery

Videos and Text Content

Course Duration

2 hours Per Day for 2 Weeks

Feedback Mode

Multiple Choice Questions


Certificate upon Completion

Course Outcomes

At the end of the course, learners should be able to:  



Ahmed Eniola

AI/Robotics Educator


Ahmed Eniola Mustapha is Founder & CEO of Panelict Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Technologies (PANAIRO). An accredited AI and Robotics Hub in Abuja. He has 4 years of experiences building automation systems, business websites, Learning Management System and Ecommerce for small and medium businesses in Nigeria and abroad. Among the B2B Website he has developed are: 

  1. Foreign Patients Medical Billing Company, Dubai.
  2. Assoutudeen Farms and Livestocks 
  3. Amron Global Services Limited
  4. An-Nubalaa International Academy

  5. Ashy Azland Steel Company Limited …..and many more.

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